Charter Change 2014

One of the best parts about living in Minneapolis is all the great restaurants in our neighborhoods. But did 
you know that neighborhood restaurants can’t legally pour you a glass of beer or wine before you order food? 

Or that they’re required by law to sell $7 of food for every $3 of alcohol? That’s about two burger meals for 
every pint of beer! The law is intended to protect our communities, but in the current market, it does 
nothing more than place an unfair  burden on neighborhood restaurants and patrons. So let’s update it!

Voting to update the charter will make it easier for city officials to develop ordinances that better serve our  communities, and ensure our neighborhoods stay friendly, with restaurants and coffee shops that enhance  our quality of life. Currently, these regulations are in the Minneapolis City Charter. This means in order  to make changes, the Charter must be changed by moving this language from the Charter and into city ordinance where all other alcohol regulation exists. Removing that ratio will take a referendum, which will appear on the ballot this November,  thanks to a unanimous vote by the Charter Commission on June 4, 2014

Charter Change is supported by:The Minneapolis City Charter Commission, The Minneapolis Police Department, Linden Hills Neighborhood Association, Nicollet East Harriet Business Association, Lake Street Council, Audobon Park, Lynhurst Neighborhood Association, Armatage Neighborhood Association,  Tangletown Neighborhood Association, Fulton Neighborhood Association, East Calhoun (ECCO), Standish-Ericsson Neighborhood Assoc,  Central (CANDO), Kingfield Neighborhood Association, Cleaveland Neighborhood Association,  Hale-Page-Diamond Lake, CARAG, East Harriet Neighborhood Association

to learn more about the city's proposed ordinance change, please visit: 


Donations can be made to the "70/30 Charter Change"