Charter Change 2014

One of the best parts about living in Minneapolis is all the great restaurants in our neighborhoods. But did you know that neighborhood restaurants can’t legally pour you a glass of beer or wine before you order food? Or that they’re required by law to sell $7 of food for every $3 of alcohol? That’s about two burger meals for every pint of beer. Sounds crazy, right?

It is. So let’s change the law.

The law is tied to language in the Minneapolis City Charter. This means in order to make changes, the Charter must be changed by moving this language from the Charter and into City ordinance where all other alcohol regulation exists. 

Voting to update the charter will make it easier for City Council Members to develop ordinances that ensure our neighborhoods stay friendly, with restaurants and coffee shops that are part of our community and enhance our quality of life.

These business owners are locals. They live and work in our neighborhoods, too. They just want to run a place where you can get a bite and a beer without any hassle, and really engage with the community. Getting this law out of the Charter and into City ordinance will help businesses thrive and improve the culture of our neighborhoods.

So let's make a fair deal for a square meal. Please sign our petition showing you support changing the Charter by moving charter wine and beer regulations into city ordinance and state statute.



Donations can be made to the "70/30 Charter Change"